Sweet Chai Black Tea Blend from Spire Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

A sweet-spiced black chai tea blend with traditional spices and citrus notes. We dare you to try it with a bit of sugar and no milk!

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Taster’s Review:

Also known as Soho Chai, this Sweet Chai Black Tea Blend from Spire Tea is a delightfully spicy-sweet chai that evokes thoughts of the holidays with its notes of spicy-hot cinnamon, warm cloves and sweet orange.

And what I like best about this particular cinnamon-orange type of chai is that while it has those familiar sweet-spiced notes of the red-hot candies, it isn’t as over-the-top or in-your-face as some of those teas can be.  This has a little mellower, a little milder … and this makes a big difference.  I can taste the rich black tea in this … this tea is not all about the cinnamon and orange!

But the cinnamon and orange play big roles in this tea.  This is a very energetic, warm tasting tea that will invigorate you on those cold days when served hot, but it also tastes GREAT iced!  It’s a very refreshing, deliciously different tea when served iced.  The spice becomes slightly more subdued with the chill, and this makes the tea very thirst quenching and easy to drink.

This is one of those middle of the road spicy-hot yet sweet cinnamon teas that is not quite as in your face as some of the teas out there … but it’s bold enough to take your taste buds on a wild ride.  I like it.

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