Fruity Pebbles Green Tea Blend from Tiesta Tea

fruity_pebblesTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tiesta Tea

Tea Description:

The 2008 World Tea Champion is a smooth and sweet blend of flowery fruit and sencha with a fantastic base that no one can resist. The synchronization of pineapple, passion fruit, and strawberry form a perfect fruity triangle.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh wow … this Fruity Pebbles Green Tea Blend from Tiesta Tea smells AMAZING!  The dry leaf is very fragrant with floral notes and strong fruity tones.  It smells like something you’d want to set out as potpourri to freshen your home!

I kind of chuckled when I read the name of this tea … of course, my thoughts turned to the popular rice cereal (which I LOVE but try to avoid because it isn’t the healthiest item in the cereal aisle, is it?) As I waited for the tea to brew, I found myself wondering just how similar it would taste to the cereal.

OK, so it doesn’t TASTE like the cereal.  But, I can see the connection.  The cereal is sweet and fruity … this tea is sweet and fruity too.  But I like that I still taste TEA in there.  There is a balance.

The green tea is soft and buttery, with subtle notes of vegetation that meld well with the notes of fruit and flower.  I don’t notice quite as much of the white tea notes in this … the Pai Mu Tan is very subtle here, but, this blend would not be the same without it.  It adds a lightness and a certain earthiness that directs the palate toward the “tea” notes, if that makes sense.  The earthiness is what makes this taste more like tea than of a fruit drink.

The combination of pineapple, papaya and strawberry is delectable!  It is definitely tropical-ish because the pineapple and papaya are strong here, but they do not overwhelm the delicious, sweet-tart notes of the berry.  I like that I taste elements of each fruit in this tea.

The rose is a little less apparent, and its contribution is definitely seen and smelled more than it is tasted … but, there are very subtle floral tones to the taste and it really heightens the overall experience by adding just a hint of SOMETHING, you know?  Just that subtle touch … makes a big difference to the cup.

I really enjoyed this tea immensely … I look forward to trying more of Tiesta Tea’s green tea offerings too … their Jolly Green Kiwi looks intriguing!

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