The Earl’s Garden Black Tea Blend from David’s Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Tea Description:

When he wasn’t in China discovering secret tea recipes, Britain’s second Earl Grey lived at Howick Hall in England, just like his ancestors had done since 1319. And also like his ancestors, he was a keen gardener and outdoorsman. This tea would no doubt have suited him, with the characteristic black tea and bergamot highlighted by strawberries and essence of black currant.

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Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said many times before, I love it when I come across an Earl Grey blend that is a twist on the classic favorite.  And I’m really enjoying this:  The Earl’s Garden black tea blend from David’s Tea.  It’s a delightful combination of the traditional bergamot flavored black tea blended with strawberry and black currant notes.

I’ve tried a few Earl Grey teas that have combined either strawberry or raspberry, and I’ve enjoyed those.  But I think that this may be the first that I’ve tried that has combined both strawberry and black currant.  And I really like the dimension of flavor that the essence of black currant adds to this cup.  It gives the tea an almost “wine-like” tone, and the tart notes of the currant meld in a really interesting way with the tangy taste of the bergamot.  And the sweet-tart notes of the strawberry really brighten the overall cup.  It’s a really interesting amalgamation of tastes.

The black tea base is a bit on the mellow side … this is not a tea that I’d reach for in the morning as my first cup of tea.  Rather, this is something that would make a nice afternoon pick-me-up … something that is uplifting in its own way but not overly stimulating.  But the black tea is definitely there … it doesn’t just roll over and allow the bergamot, strawberry and black currant to get all the attention.  It is strong enough to offer a pleasing, earthy background to the cup without being overly aggressive.  It is a fairly smooth black tea with a fair amount of astringency, but no bitterness.

The bergamot is not overly aggressive here either.  It is tangy and citrus-y, and it hasn’t been overdone.  It doesn’t taste soapy the way some bergamot flavored teas can taste.  It’s on the milder side, but, again, not so mild that it goes unnoticed.  This is definitely an Earl Grey tea!

I really enjoyed this blend … it’s a nice variation of the classic favorite.  Definitely something I’d be happy to enjoy now and again.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I’ve never had an Earl Grey tea that wasn’t paired with a citrus fruit, or lavender. Strawberry and black current certainly gives it a nice twist. Besides I definitely prefer Earl Greys where the bergamot isn’t overpowering.

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