Tropical Paradise Oolong Tea Blend from The Rabbit Hole


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to buy:  The Rabbit Hole

Tea Description:

Stranded on a desert island and you can only take one tea…this is it. Perfect hot or iced and great when you need a tropical time out minus the credit card bill.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Yum!  This is one of the tastiest tropical teas I’ve come across in a while!  I love the way the Oolong tea, the coconut, the pineapple and the orange meld together in this Tropical Paradise Oolong Tea Blend from The Rabbit Hole!

There are a lot of tropical flavored teas out there, but I find that they are usually crafted with a base of black or green tea … it’s not often that I find a tropical Oolong, and perhaps that’s why I’m liking this one so much.  The sweet flavor of the Oolong unites with the sweet notes of pineapple, orange and coconut in a really pleasant way, and the buttery smooth texture of the Oolong really emphasizes the coconut notes.  And I like that I taste the Oolong front and center here … the flavors are strong, but the Oolong is not overpowered.

There is a very nice balance of coconut, pineapple and orange.  As I mentioned before, I think that what really brings the coconut into the foreground is the Oolong.  That rich, silky texture of the Oolong really plays to the slick coconut mouthfeel, giving the overall cup a very creamy taste and feel that is very luxurious and delectable.  The pineapple is sweet, and the orange adds a bright note to the drink.

This is tasty served hot, but its AMAZING iced.  And the Oolong tea allows for multiple infusions … increasing the value of this tea!   This one will take your taste buds on a tropical vacation!

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