Organic Silver Needle White from Nature’s Tea Leaf

Silver Needle White from Nature's Tea Leaf
Silver Needle White from Nature’s Tea Leaf

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: White

Where to Buy: Nature’s Tea Leaf

Tea Description:

Organic Silver Needle White Tea has exquisitely shaped buds enveloped in white down. This white tea excites with its savory aroma, rich body and a sweet flavor with rounded finish that is soft and airy on the palate. White Teas which include our Organic Silver Needle variety are known to promote weight loss and stimulate the metabolism. This low caffeine antioxidant packed tea is delicious hot or cold and can be enjoyed any time of day.

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Taster’s Review:

Soft, Fuzzy, Pillowy, Billowy, White tea is what Organic Silver Needle White from Nature’s Tea Leaf is! Its so pretty to look at. Delicious to smell, even in its dry state. I love touching and examining the silvery white needles. This is very much a tactile tea leaf.

The steeped leaf smells slightly minty, and very sweet. The flavor is also lightly minty, but just delicately so. The sweetness does translate into the taste beautifully, but a a mid-range vegetal note is also present. There is a very brothy mouthfeel to this tea and it almost has a creamy feel in the aftertaste. I could see this tea being a major part of a soup broth if you are into using tea in cooking. This is definitely a greener tasting white than I have had before and has a nice lingering aftertaste that lasts longer than most.

This is right up there with some of my favorite white teas because it offers something different from others I have had before. It is unique and it is Organic which makes it even better in my book!

The sweet notes I have been tasting have had me perplexed for a bit, as they are not honey notes, or even that of cane sugar, nor molasses, its more of a fruity sort of sweet, like raisins perhaps, yet it does not taste fruity. Also there is absolutely no astringency in this cup.

This tea is a little more pricey than others but it is organic, and it is delicious, therefore it is worth it!

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