Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea

Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea
Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Golden Moon Tea

Tea Description:

For Sinharaja we use rich, dark loose leaf tea leaves that are nourished by fertile rain forest streams in the hills of Ceylon. It has a toasty, molasses-like character with ripe berry notes and a caramelized finish. Serve with a touch of raw sugar and cream for a taste that is smooth, full-bodied and warming.


A sweet, full bodied Ceylon Tea

Natural notes of cocoa and honey with a finish of molasses

A personal favorite of our Owner, Marcus Stout

Pairs excellently with milk and honey

Grown at the basin of a rainforest giving it a wonderfully rich flavor


Sinharaja has a touch of astringency, which is great for first thing in the morning

A bold flavor that is heavier than most Ceylon Teas

While good as an iced tea, it actually tastes better hot

Not as malty as other Black Teas (like Assam)

If you drink the tea without milk and sugar/honey, then the second infusion is better than the first

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

The aroma of Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea is delightful. It smells rich, robust, sweet, and full of molasses. Yet to balance out this sweet tea we have an almost spicy, woodsy flavor. It is quite delicious. Now I can’t say it is the most robust black tea, nor the heaviest in the mouthfeel. Actually I have had teas with far more depth of flavor than Sinharaja, however I do love this tea. I like the subtle astringency indicative of a breakfast tea, without the ability for it to easily become bitter when oversteeped. Let’s face it, if I am going to over steep a tea it is going to be when I am barely awake, in the mornings. Well in honesty my mornings are more early afternoon, but you get the idea.

If you like to add creamer, milk, sugar, etc to your tea this is an excellent one to do it with. Although I find this tea to have plenty of flavor on its own and does not need additives, I have to admit that the milk and sugar do bring out new and exciting qualities in this tea. It enhances the richness and makes the tea a bit more robust, rather than drowning out the flavors. I also only added a slight hint of milk, and sugar.

There is a earthy yet sweet balance in this tea that keeps drawing me back. Chocolate notes that seem almost creamy as the cup cools some present. Bright berry notes do liven up the cup giving an almost sparkly like sensation to the palate. The berries taste more red berry, perhaps even a slight cherry or perhaps raspberry note to the cup. Based on the sparkly sensation I am going to have to go with very sweet raspberry.

I particularly love the after taste and while I know that Golden Moon says this is better hot I can’t wait to try it iced. I feel like this is one of those teas that can really match any weather. I can see this being so comforting on a dreary day, or really refreshing on a hot day. I need to get my hands on some more of this.

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