Pineberry Honeybush from 52Teas


Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tisane Description:

There really IS such a thing as a pineberry. Supposedly it’s a strawberry that tastes like a pineapple and looks like the image on our label, which to me looks kind of like what marshmallows would look like if marshmallows were a fruit.

So, of course OUR take on the Pineberry is probably nothing like what a real Pineberry tastes like, which I imagine not very many people would know anyway, but rather what I imagine a Pineberry SHOULD taste like.

I think it should taste like sweet, golden honeybush with accents of pineapple, strawberry and marshmallow–so I created this blend with real freeze-dried pineapple and strawberry bits and marshmallow root. It’s a little different, but then, so is 52teas.

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Taster’s Review:

Note:  As I was writing this review, it seemed to come out more as a note to Frank (Chief Zoomdweebie at 52Teas) than it did a review … but it is still a review … so, since it does seem a bit like a note to Frank, I decided to craft it that way … I hope you enjoy my slightly different approach to a review today.

Dear Frank:

I’ve never tasted a pineberry.  In fact, until I read the description of this tisane during the week of it’s release (April 8), I had never even heard of a pineberry.  And since this Pineberry Honeybush from 52Teas is based upon what you think a Pineberry should taste like – I guess I will have to wait until a time when and if I should ever come across a pineberry in a market somewhere before I actually taste one.

However, I do like what your imaginary pineberry tastes like.  Sweet with notes of strawberry, pineapple, and a lovely hint of marshmallow.  YUM!  And … I swear that I can taste an ever-so-subtle hint of pepper in this too, and I find that note to be so intriguing.

The honeybush is sweet and honey-esque, as I would expect it to be, with hints of a nutty background.  I like that the honeybush is not a prominent flavor but that I can taste it, and it contributes to the overall cup in a very pleasant way.  Perhaps the aforementioned hints of spice come from the honeybush, although I must admit that I don’t recall ever tasting spice notes from honeybush before (unless it was a spiced honeybush blend!)

I really like the way the sweet, nutty tones of the honeybush meld with the pineapple, and I think that you should explore the combination of pineapple and honeybush further.  How about Pineapple Fondue Tisane:  pineapple, chocolate, and honeybush, and put some marshmallow in there just for fun too … and while we’re exploring imaginary blends, I also really like the way the pineapple and the marshmallow work here, so a pineapple marshmallow green tea (or perhaps a white tea?) would be quite tasty too, I think.

And then there is the strawberry.  The strawberry is sweet with just a whisper of tart.  The strawberry notes taste authentic … no artificial strawberry flavors here!  The strawberry with the marshmallow work nicely too.  And since you’ve done Boo-Berry a few times, I think it’s time to work on FrankenBerry for Halloween this year:  A strawberry marshmallow green tea.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Pineberry Honeybush a lot more than I thought I would.  And I was pretty sure I’d like it, because your honeybush blends are usually tasty, and really, how do you go wrong with pineapple and strawberry and marshmallow?  Answer:  YOU don’t, and you didn’t.

Thank you for another delightful tisane.

Your Favorite Customer,


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