Earl Grey Matcha (Black Tea) from Red Leaf Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Earl Grey Matcha is distinctive in its special combination of a hint of citrus fruitiness and smoky essence. This exceptional flavor is ideal for the well developed and adventurous palate that seeks a combination of variety and spice in any refreshment. This special flavor is ideal for many special occasions where people can treat themselves to a new fresh taste that is still uncommon yet unforgettable to the palate. Earl Grey Matcha stands in a special class of its own because of its essence of refinement.

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Taster’s Review:

As one who enjoys both Earl Grey and Matcha … this was a powdered tea that I just had to try.  I opted for the black powdered tea leaf with this Earl Grey Matcha blend from Red Leaf Tea rather than the green tea, because even though I’ve enjoyed the various twists on the classic Grey that I’ve tasted – including the green tea Earl Grey blends  that I’ve tried – I still prefer the flavor of the black tea with the bergamot.

I also chose the distinctive level of flavoring for this blend, and I am kind of wishing that I would have gone with the delicate level for this one.  I mean, I like bergamot, I like it a lot!  But the aroma – whew!  I think that it goes just a tad TOO bergamot-y here with the distinctive level of flavoring.  This is STRONG … and I think it’s too strong, veering on the side of perfume-y soap.

But since I hadn’t yet tasted it, only smelled it, I hoped for the best – crossing my fingers that the strong aroma did not translate to a soapy tasting black matcha drink.  Unfortunately, all the hoping in the world didn’t help.  Even the stronger flavor of the black tea powder versus the softer flavor of the green tea powder … the bergamot is just too … soap-like in this.

However, not willing to give up yet, I decided to try this as a latte and see if the milk would help mute the flavors out a wee bit!  Success!  This is good as a latte – in fact, it’s the only way I can really drink it!  It’s especially good with vanilla flavored almond milk!  (It’s also good when blended into a glass of honey flavored, Greek Kefir!)

I really don’t know that there will be a “next time” for me in buying this Earl Grey Matcha – but if I were to buy it again, I would be mindful to choose the delicate level of flavoring.  This DOES have promise, but the distinctive level of flavoring – which has been so reliable for me with most of the flavored matcha teas that I’ve purchased in the past from Red Leaf Tea has let me down today.  That said, I’ve had enough tasty Red Leaf Tea Matcha offerings that I won’t let one bad one spoil it for me.  Time to move on to another!

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