Moonlight White Tea from Life in Teacup


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Life in Teacup

Tea Description:

Production Season:  Autumn
Production Region:  Yunnan, Jing Mai

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review: 

Oh wow!  I’m amazed at just how flavorful this Moonlight White Tea from Life in Teacup is.  More often than not, when I brew a white tea, I find the taste to be delicate.  I don’t mind the flavor to be delicate, mind you, but, Life in Teacup recommends to use boiling water on white tea rather than a lower temperature which is what I always use when it comes to white tea – and this will result in a stronger (that is, not delicate!) flavor.

I did not follow the recommendations of Life in Teacup, mostly because I am a creature of habit and when I get a white tea, I think automatically 160°F.  So, that’s the temperature that I used.  But I’m still getting a WHOLE LOT of flavor from this white tea!

It is sweet, earthy and possesses hints of vegetative notes.  I find that the vegetative notes for white teas tend to be a bit more like “hay” than grass or steamed vegetables, and that is true in the case of this tea as well.  But I’m finding this tea to be just a bit more on the earthy side than on the vegetative side.  I’m also noticing a slight “spiced” quality to the tea as I continue to sip.  Not “spicy” … but more like a hint of warmth to the cup that keeps the palate intrigued!

There is also a nice nutty flavor to this, and the nutty flavor accentuates the sweetness in a pleasing way.  It’s a soft “textured” tea – it doesn’t feel or taste harsh.  It has no bitterness to it.  There is some astringency that I notice toward the tail … it sort of has that “tangy” pucker at the tail that is slightly acidic, and it is a really nice contrast to the sweet, soft feel and taste of the tea at the start.

A really enjoyable cuppa!

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