Herbal Immune Booster from Teas & Botanicals


Leaf Type:  Functional Tea/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Teas and Botanicals

Tisane Description:

A great herbal tea blend boosting the body’s immune system. Its natural antibiotic and virucidal properties eases symptoms and discomforts associated with colds and mild fever. A good detox for the entire body, a great herbal drink for people with diabetes, ulcers, bronchitis, and various sickness and disease. Rich in vitamin C and has the ability to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

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Taster’s Review:

OK, I’m not a huge fan of functional teas … I mean, flavor wise, they leave a little to be desired, you know what I’m saying?  But as far as the function they serve, I’m all for turning to herbal remedies in the form of tea if it helps promote health.  So it is with this Herbal Immune Booster from Teas & Botanicals – it isn’t the tastiest thing I’ve had recently, but, it isn’t horrible either.  And if it boosts the immune system, well, I’m all for that.

The ingredient list is short:  just three ingredients:

Ingredients: Pau D’Arco, Astralagus, Hibiscus.

Pau D’Arco is a bark, and it looks like bark.  It actually looks a bit like lapacho and so I did a quick check and found out that Pau D’Arco actually IS lapacho.  You learn something new everyday.  Although I doubt that my intake of lapacho will ever be such that I would ever need to know this again, but, hey … who am I to knock knowledge?  Lapacho is supposed to help infections, fever, and stomach issues.  Astragalus is supposed to help the immune system, and hibiscus is a diuretic and is rich in vitamin C as well and some minerals.

As far as taste … what I taste primarily is the hibiscus.  I’m glad that the hibiscus does not have a syrupy or thick consistency, and it doesn’t taste too tart here.  Perhaps the other ingredients thin the hibiscus enough to allow it to just give off an agreeable berry-tarty kind of taste without coming off as TOO hibiscus-y.

This tastes medicinal … as many functional teas do.  I’m not about to sit here and try to convince you that this is the best tasting herbal tea I’ve ever tried because it isn’t.  However, as far as functional teas that help promote health and boost the immune system … this ain’t bad.  I think this does taste better as it cools, so if you’re going to drink it … I’d recommend trying it iced.

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