Crimson Rose Grey Black Tea from Tea For All Reasons

crimsonrosegreyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea For All Reasons

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Tea Description:

This exciting, new blend is a unique match up that you won’t find anywhere else! The bold character, taste and fragrance of Hibiscus, as well as Rose Petals, combines to make this a heavenly blend that creates a beautiful crimson brew in the cup. Treat your guests to this sophisticated blend at your next afternoon tea. 

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Taster’s Review:

Hibiscus in an Earl Grey?  That … just seems wrong to me.  I understand putting it in there to encourage a pinker hue in a teacup … but, with the black tea in there, I don’t notice a whole lot of “pinkish” color in my teacup.  I do see a slight … pink tone to the color of this Crimson Rose Grey Black Tea from Tea For All Reasons … but, it’s not really enough to justify hibiscus in the blend.

Then again … I don’t really taste much hibiscus here anyway.  And that makes me very happy!  What I taste is black tea, bergamot and rose, and that’s just exactly what I want to be tasting here.  There may be the faintest hibiscus-y note to this … which seems to accentuate the tangy notes of the bergamot and the floral tones of the rose more than actually taste like hibiscus.  And as I said, that suits me just fine.  I don’t like hibiscus, but I do like Earl Grey (and rose!)

The black tea has a brisk taste to it – it is not an overly aggressive tasting tea base … it has enough flavor to it to taste like tea, but not so much that it interferes with the flavors of bergamot and rose.  The bergamot is a softer bergamot here, citrus-y and slightly tart.  The rose sweetens the cup a little bit, and adds a hint of floral sharpness.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable cup.  It tastes like something that I’d want to serve at a garden party, because it has a very “garden” like flavor to it … it is a very well-composed, refined taste, smooth and nicely round.  One guests would really appreciate and enjoy.

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