The Royal Wedding White Tea Blend from Tea For All Reasons


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Tea for All Reasons

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Tea Description:

White Champagne Raspberry Rose – An exceptional blend of White Champagne Raspberry Tea with Rose Petals and Pearl Dragees that is striking in flavor though light and delicate; a blend truly fit for a future king and queen. 

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Taster’s Review:

This Royal Wedding White Tea Blend from Tea For All Reasons is a really pretty blend.  I’m not usually one to really appreciate the whimsy of candy sprinkles in a tea blend, but, I like the pearl dragees in this.  There aren’t a LOT of them in this, and maybe that’s why I can appreciate them in this blend.  There’s just a couple tossed in this for some added splendor to the dry leaf.

Each flavor presents itself softly to the palate – the white tea is subtle, with it’s light, airy, earthy notes.  The rose is also subtle – adding just a hint of it’s distinctive floral quality to the cup.  I like the way the rose petals complement the champagne and raspberry flavors.

The raspberry is sweet with just a twinge of tartness to it that tickles the tip of the tongue in the aftertaste.  The champagne … is a very delicate taste, tasting ever so softly of grapes.  I can almost “taste” the bubbles too.

It’s a really nice blend, and a nice way to commemorate the royal wedding.  But since they’ve been married for a while, I guess what I shall raise my cup to is the newest addition to the royal family!

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