Safari Breakfast Ambessa Tea from Harney & Sons

SafariBreakfastTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Harney & Sons

Tea Description:

Brimming with flavor, Safari Breakfast is a robust blend of African black teas with a reassuringly rich aroma. A full-bodied breakfast tea, it’s the embodiment of Africa’s fine lineage of outstanding teas, spices and vibrancy.

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Taster’s Review:

Nice!  This Safari Breakfast blend from the Ambessa Tea Line – which is available from Harney & Sons – is a really delightful blend of African black teas.

It is a good, solid tea with plenty of heft.  Plenty of the gusto that you want first thing in the morning.  It has a certain edginess to it that can be curbed with the addition of milk and honey, but, I like it served straight up too.  It delivers a full-flavored taste without bitterness.

It is a pleasantly rich tasting tea with that “bake-y” kind of taste that I look for in a breakfast type tea … that rich, satisfying, invigorating taste that goes well with a piece of biscotti or perhaps a slice of whole wheat toast.  The kind of tea that brings a smile to my face when I’m drinking it as I feel it do it’s job which is to wake me up!

There are background fruity notes and a woody earthiness that compliment the spice notes in this tea.  If I hadn’t known that this blend was composed of African teas, my first guess might have been a Yunnan – it has that sort of peppery spice taste to it … although this is a bit more mellow when it comes to “spice” than the typical Yunnan.  It is a rich, warm, rewarding tea that is moderately astringent.  I found that the astringency here builds a little bit, and by mid-cup, I started to notice a slightly dry, pucker-y sensation on my inner cheeks after each sip.

Overall, a really good breakfast blend.  This is a tea I wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning!

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