Southern Boy Teas Pink Lemonade Flavored Black Iced Tea from 52Teas


BLACK-Pink-LemonadeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Southern Boy Teas

Tea Description:

Created for National Iced Tea Day 2013! Our take on Pink lemonade incorporates the organic flavors of lemon, red grapefruit, a touch of raspberry and a smidgen of cotton candy for sweetness. blended with our premium organic black tea, this is pure refreshment.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

When I got this Pink Lemonade Flavored Black Iced Tea of the Southern Boys Teas collection from 52Teas, I thought it was an herbal tisane.  That is … until I opened the pouch and smelled the tea and I realized that there was black tea in it.  What I expected when I first ordered the tea was a “pinked” version of the Lemon-Aid tisane from 52Teas.   But that isn’t what this is at all.

However, this is really very good!  It is a very refreshing iced tea.  The black tea base is brisk and is pleasantly flavored … it melds nicely with the notes of lemon and raspberry.  The grapefruit comes through as I reach the mid-way point through my glass … that’s when I really notice it.  It is nicely sweet – and yes, I do taste hints of the cotton candy too.  It’s an interesting combination of flavors that come together in a really delicious way.  It is sweet, a little bit tart, and very tasty!

The first time I tried this … I cold-brewed it.  And of the many iced tea flavors that 52Teas sells under the Southern Boy Teas brand, this is the one tea that I don’t recommend cold brewing.  The flavors just don’t come across as well or as deliciously when it’s been cold brewed – it kind of tastes “muddied” … not like mud, of course, but, the flavors aren’t crisp.  The flavors are there, but, they aren’t as easily discerned as they are when the tea is hot brewed.

But … when hot brewed, this tea tastes really, really good.  In fact, it may just displace the Lime Cola as my favorite iced tea flavor this year.  This tea gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me (although it does lose a couple of points because I like cold-brewing!)

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