Mountain Black Tea from Momo Cha Fine Teas

high-mountain-black-tea-GTATea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Momo Cha Fine Teas

Product Description:

This Taiwanese black tea is grown on plantations at altitudes of over 1850m (6070ft). The altitude and the gentle handling of the leaves gives this tea a unique taste of flowers and honey. Not only the taste but also the smell is from another world.

For all who appreciate fine teas, this can be nothing less but love at first taste. Even people that normally don’t like black tea will find a smile on their face after the first sip of this delicious drop from heaven.

Tasters Review:

The older I get I have been enjoying more and more lovely Black teas from Taiwan.  I’m so blessed to be able to sip on fine teas like this one!  This is a real gem from Momo Cha.  I enjoyed it VERY much!

Right off the bat – I could smell a gentle warm-woodsy aroma.  As it continued to infuse – the chocolate notes popped out a bit more.  From across the room there was a slight floral aroma that added a nice overall touch.   The more you infuse it – the more deep the chocolaty aroma kisses the air.  It’s almost ‘brownie-like’.

It infuses to a medium shade of brown.  As it cools at room temperature – in addition to the other aroma mentioned above – I can also smell some honey and malty notes, too!  This has a wonderful smell to it that just wants me to sip more and more each time I sniff it.

At first taste – I can pick-up on the sweet woodsy, honey, and chocolaty flavors.  The flavor is just as fantastic as the aroma!  This is a wonderful black tea offering.  I love pretty much everything about it.  I can’t think of anything I would change, actually!  It’s quite marvelous!



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