Branson’s Private Blend from Tea For All Reasons

BransonsTea Type:
Black Tea

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Tea For All Reasons

Product Descriptions:

This custom blend is another addition to our Downton Abbey Collection. Branson’s loyalty to Ireland extends to his love of a good, strong cuppa tea. We’ve given it unique character, just like his rebellious streak. In this case, his private blend is an Irish Cream tea with a hint of chocolate and whiskey taste (though, no worries, there is no alcohol content in this tea).

Tasters Review:


I’ve been wanting to start watching Downton Abbey for a while and still haven’t.  All I know is – this specialty blend smells AWESOME!!!!  Creamy Chocolate Whiskey?  YES PLEASE!


I’m so grateful to be sipping on this! I’m so excited to have received a package in the mail from Tea For All Reasons!  I’ve always admired their blending ability and lovely themes and names for teas!  They truly live up to their name – TEA FOR ALL REASONS!

The post-infusion color of this tea is a bit lighter in color than I thought it would be.  It’s a orange-ish brown about medium in color.  The black tea base is a gentle medium flavor, too.  It doesn’t taste like cream, persay, but it has a creamy texture.  If you have ever had those chocolate covered whiskey shots (candies) before that is what this tastes like.  It’s pretty awesome, I must say!  Very yummy!

This is a MUST TRY Tea!

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