Konacha Tea from Sakao Enterprise

KonachaTea Type:
Green Tea

Where To Buy:
Sakao Enterprise

Product Description:

A strong and bitter flavour with dark green colour.

Tasters Review:

I’ll be upfront with you!  I’ve had very little experience with Konacha like I have with other greens, it seems.  But I enjoyed this new tea experience!

This dry leaf was very very fine and plumped up quite a bit once infused.  It smells like cooked spinach and celery.  The taste is a little bitter but slightly creamy and brothy – but I like that characteristic!

The more I sipped this the more I realized was pretty thick, too.

This is satisfying and meal-like. A delight!  I must say I am a fan of Konacha as well as Green Tea offerings from Sakao Enterprises!

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