Secret Garden Tea Blend from Kaleisia Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black, Green & White Teas

Where to Buy:  Kaleisia Tea

Tea Description:

The most popular blend of all times. This blend consist of white peony white tea, sencha green tea, darjeeling black tea, gunpowder green tea, dragonwell green tea, jasmine pearl green tea, mango, pineaple, papaya, orange peels, strawberry, red currants, sour cherry bits, and apricot bits. A very well rounded fruity tea that is sure to please anyone.

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Taster’s Review: 

This Secret Garden Tea Blend from Kaleisia Tea has a little bit of EVERYTHING in it!  White tea, green tea, black tea … fruit bits … and a whole lot of flavor!

Since this blend seems to be primarily green tea, I went with a lower brew temperature (185°F) and steeped the tea for 2 1/2 minutes in my Breville One- Touch.  And the results are tasty!

Fruit flavor hits the palate first, although … it is more like a “medley” of fruit flavors rather than one specific fruit note.  Kind of like a bite of ambrosia salad where you taste several fruit notes all at once and it’s difficult to pin-point exactly which fruit you’re tasting.  It’s a very refreshing fruit taste though!

As far as tea flavor goes, green tea is what I taste most.  That sweet, sort of leafy/grassy note that is very fresh and crisp.  It’s a nice contrast with the sweet and sour fruit notes that tantalize the palate at the start of the sip. There is a sweet, creaminess to the tea notes as well, is that the white tea or the buttery notes from the Sencha?  I can’t be sure, but, I like the way it comes together with the fruit notes.  I don’t taste a whole lot of white tea here, nor do I notice much from the Darjeeling black tea, although I can’t say that this blend would taste the same without those tea leaves being a part of this blend.

As I continue to sip, I realize that I’m tasting mostly a “tropical” sort of taste:  notes of pineapple, mango, and papaya, with a strawberry background note.  I taste the sweetness of the apricot too.  The sour tones of the currant and the cherry come through near the finish, but these are not very strong flavors. The fruit notes, overall, are more “melded” together as a unified flavor … like some kind of “ultra-fruit” but, if I aerate the sip by slurping, I can pick out individual fruit notes.

I like that this blend is more sweet than it is sour, because I’m not a huge fan of the sour taste as I’ve said many times.  While this does seem to be a rather “busy” blend … I find it enjoyable.  I like it better iced than hot, so, I’ll be brewing more of this later for my iced tea pitcher and enjoy it all day long tomorrow!

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