Samurai Rush Green Tea Blend from Tea Xotics

Samurai-RushTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

A perfectly mellow ginger mint tea (yes, it is possible!). There’s enough ginger and mint to get the tongue tingling – in delightfully opposite ways. But we wait patiently and can taste the softly sweet, vegetal notes of the Sencha green tea.

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Taster’s Review:

The aroma of this Samurai Rush Green Tea Blend from Tea Xotics reminds me of the smell of a freshly opened package of DoubleMint gum!  It has a lively, minty scent, but also that sweetness that I smell with the gum.  I don’t smell a lot of ginger in the dry leaf, but, once it’s brewed, the ginger emerges slightly, while the mint becomes more subdued than it was in the dry leaf fragrance.

The flavor is surprising!  I guess it shouldn’t be, based upon the above description provided by Amoda Tea, but I guess in the many years that I’ve been tasting teas and writing about it, I haven’t ever found a mint and ginger tea quite like this one.  The mint … is subtle!  The ginger … is also subtle!  It’s quite a unique thing to find a tea with mint and ginger where these two components were both gentle tastes within the cup.

Oh, I taste the mint, certainly … and the ginger.  And because of the nature of these two components, the flavors of them is front and center.  But Tea Xotics blended these two flavor profiles together in such a precise way that neither the mint nor the ginger overpower the cup.

The mint is crisp and invigorating … but at the same time, I’m finding the softer flavor of the mint to be quite soothing and relaxing.  The usually warm and peppery ginger is still warm and peppery, but, it’s more like a calm, gentle ginger-y warmth that I’m experiencing from this tea.

And I can taste the tea!  I taste the fresh, sweet taste of the Sencha, and I like the way the three ingredients come together.  The sweetness of the Sencha brings out the sweet, enchanting side of the mint, while the vegetative tones of the Sencha enhances the savory qualities of the ginger.  It’s a beautiful medley of sweet and savory that is minty, crisp, light and zesty all in one sip.

I have really enjoyed the Amoda Tea Tasting Box for August … I really enjoyed the three teas from Tea Xotics immensely!  I think I’ve found a tea company that I’ll need to check out a little bit more!

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