Tangy Grapefruit White Tea Blend from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where To Buy:  The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

Tea Description:

Tangy Grapefruit White is a blend of organic Chinese Baimudan white tea, grapefruit essential oils, organic calendula petals for color, organic lemongrass, and organic lemon myrtle, brewing a true-to-life grapefruit burst.

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Taster’s Review:

When I go into my local grocery store – Chuck’s Produce – I’m always happy to see teas from local purveyors on their shelves … like this Tangy Grapefruit White Tea Blend from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants.  Of course, it makes sense to have a locally based grocery store like Chuck’s Produce to carry some of the locally crafted products like this tea, but it still makes me happy to see this store supporting local businesses.

And of course, I found the flavor intriguing, as I’m always happy to try a new grapefruit flavored tea.  And while I can’t say that this is my favorite grapefruit tea that I’ve tried, it’s a really tasty grapefruit offering.  I think that it might be the lemon myrtle and the lemon grass that’s throwing this off just a little bit, because I’m tasting a distinct lemon note along with the grapefruit and even a hint of lime.

Not that that’s bad, of course … lemon and lime go quite nicely with the grapefruit and add an interesting dimension of flavor.  And the grapefruit notes are not lost in the presence of the other citrus tones.  This is a very flavorful, tangy citrus-flavored tea.  But it’s not as much grapefruit as I was expecting.

But, let’s focus on what this tea is.  There is a nice Bai Mu Dan base that is sweet and offers hints of an earthy flavor.  I like that contrasting note with the bright citrus tones.  There is a very nice grapefruit-y flavor here that is sweet and tart.  There is just a hint of that grapefruit bitterness to it too.  This tastes like grapefruit and I notice that flavor before the palate picks up on the lemon and lime notes.

And I like their contributions here too.  This is a very “sunny” tasting tea, and it’s quite a nice tea to be sipping on a rather dreary looking autumn day.  And I don’t mean dreary looking in a bad way … this is my favorite kind of day and I like it when it’s cold and dreary!  All the sunshine I need is coming from my teacup right now!

A very enjoyable tea blend.  I like this hot but it’s really nice iced too!

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