Dragon Well High Grade Long Jing Green Tea from Yezi Tea

dragon-wellTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Yezi Tea

Tea Description:

A reason to fall in love with green tea all over again.

At Yezi, we are proud to bring to you the finest grade of Longjing loose leaf green tea. Long Jing translated from Chinese means “Dragon Well”. Yezi’s Longjing consists entirely of unopened leaf buds called dragon sprouts or water lily hearts. These fine tea leaves are harvested in the first few weeks of spring by tea farmers who have maintained a fierce pride in growing the finest Long Jing for generations upon generations.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very fine tasting Dragon Well from Yezi Tea!  I can taste why it’s considered a High Grade Long Jing Green Tea!  The tea sprouts are beautiful and green, and smell fresh and “leafy.”

The flavor is sweet and lightly grassy.  I taste a savory note about mid-sip that provides a nice contrast to the sweetness.  The vegetative taste here reminds me of springtime with its fresh, clean and pure taste … it is reminiscent of the new leaf and grass buds start to emerge from the earth after a cold winter.

There are sweet, nutty tones that compliment the vegetative sweetness and the slight grassy bitterness.  The grassy tones accentuate a floral tone that emerges toward mid-cup.  The floral tone adds dimension to the sweetness and distinctness to the savory elements of the flavor.  All of these characteristics play very well together on the palate.

The overall taste is light, but even though it is what I’d call “light” there is so much flavor to it … so much complexity.  The texture is like a delicate broth.  It is a joy to sip this soothing tea.

There is a hint of fruit to this tea also … almost like the faintest note of lemon.  The first time I noticed it … I thought maybe my taste buds were playing tricks on me, but after a second and even a third sip … yes, I notice this citrus-y taste.  It’s very faint … but it’s there.

I really enjoyed this Dragon Well from Yezi Tea.  The more I become familiar with this company’s teas … the more I like this company!

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