Jun Chiyabari Second Flush Nepal Black Tea from Single Origin Teas

JunChiyabariNepalTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Single Origin Teas

Tea Description:

Jun Chiyabari, a neighbor to the famous Darjeeling tea province, offers truly excellent tea.  Notes of maple and floral undertones of rose bring a unique touch.  One of the smaller tea estates at around 123 acres, and one of the youngest – planted in 2002! – Jun Chiyabari offers a delicious tea that highlights how high altitude growing can bring out delightful flavors if processed correctly.  

Produced in hand-rolled batches with an exemplary level of care, the leaves are nicely curled, and provide a prime example of how high quality tea is not limited to the Darjeeling gardens.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Although this Jun Chiyabari Second Flush Nepal Black Tea from Single Origin Teas is not technically a Darjeeling, it still has many remarkable similarities to a Darjeeling.  It has that crisp, “sparkling” taste of a Darjeeling … it is lighter in body and it has a sweet, wine-like quality that reminds me of a Darjeeling.

However, I am noticing some differences, as well.  I note less muscatel-like notes here.  There are some, but they seem to be more of a background note than a prominent note.  There is a slight “lemon-y” quality that I notice toward the finish.

And then I notice the rose-like notes.  These are lovely!  It’s like an undercurrent of rose notes – not a heavy essence, but, like an ever-present wisp of rose-y flavor.  The floral tones give the cup a pleasant sweetness, and there is something more to it … an almost autumnal sweetness.  After reading the above description, I realized that what I noticed was the maple notes.  I don’t know that what I’m tasting is a distinct maple taste, but it is a definite sweetness that has an autumn-like taste to it.

I am really glad that I tried this Jun Chiyabari tea.  I’ve tried several teas from this estate and while they have all been very good teas, I am finding this one to be just a little different from the others I’ve tried.  Different is good!

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