White Tea Rose Melange from The London Tea Room


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green & White Teas

Where to Buy:  The London Tea Room

Tea Description:

Organic; a blend of dreamy jasmine and wild roses, with green and white Chinese teas, rejuvenating peppermint and calm-as-hell lavender.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This White Tea Rose Melange from the London Tea Room is really quite lovely!  I love that I can taste each of the components of this tea.  Each is well represented, but, none is too overpowering.

The first flavor I notice is that of the rose.  It is sweet and very distinctly rose, but as I said, it doesn’t overwhelm.  It’s quite smooth and pleasant, and I love the way it melds with the jasmine and the lavender to create a medley of floral tastes.  These three flowers accentuate each other beautifully to create a soft, luxurious flowery note without tasting soapy.  It’s just really smooth.

In keeping with the softness of the floral tones, the green and white teas are also on the delicate side, offering lush fresh tones with hints of vegetation and a sort of “airy” quality that evokes thoughts of flowers floating in the breeze.

The one component that worried me when I read the list of ingredients was the peppermint, because peppermint can sometimes throw off the balance of a tea like this, especially when the other components are so delicate in taste.  But, whomever blended this seemed to take this into consideration (a skillful blender, indeed!) and added the peppermint with care.  There are mere whispers of a minty crispness to the background notes of this tea.  Just a hint of something to add some dimension.  I love that!

This is a truly delightful tea!

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