Chocolate Chai Rooibos Blend from Red Leaf Tea

Chocolate_ChaiTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

This red tea combines the tangy flavor of ginger with the citrus notes of cardamom, to produce a chocolate chai with a taste like no other. With an inherent sweetness that is perfectly blended with spicy warmth, chocolate chai offers the dark sumptuousness of chocolate chips with the smoothness of rooibos tea. With two well-known antioxidants, this is a dessert tea that is a treat in the evening or in the morning!

Learn more about this rooibos chai here.

Taster’s Review:

Hmm … this Chocolate Chai Rooibos Blend from Red Leaf Tea is tasty.  It isn’t an overly spicy tisane, but the spices are warming and certainly agreeable on this chilly autumn day.

Let’s start with the chocolate, shall we?  Because, if you’ve read many of my articles, you are probably well aware of my fondness for chocolate.  Here, the chocolate is not as rich as I would like it to be.  Then again, seldom do I find a chocolate tea that satisfies me with it’s level of chocolaticity.  (Yes, it’s a word, I just made it up.)  That said, there is certainly some chocolate notes here but it isn’t as rich and decadent as I would want a tea that calls itself a “Chocolate Chai.”  But I am enjoying what chocolate there is here.

The spices are pleasing.  I think that the spice level here is one that most people could enjoy – even those that tend to shy away from spicier teas.  This isn’t what I’d call hot or spicy.  There is some peppery warmth from the ginger, and the cardamom adds an exotic element to the cup.

The rooibos base is nutty and adds a nice dimension of flavor to these other ingredients.  I’m not always happy when I can actually taste the rooibos flavor in a blend, but, here it’s working for me.  The nutty tones work well with the earthiness of the spices and the sweet, creamy notes of the chocolate.

A tasty blend.  Not my favorite “chocolate chai” that I’ve tasted, but, it’s pretty good, and a nice cuppa to cozy up to on a chilly evening when you don’t want to be drinking a more caffeinated beverage.

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