Wuyishan Black Tea from Steepster

steepsterselectdecemberTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Steepster Select

Tea Description:

A rare and innovative black tea from Fujian, China. Sweet and smooth with notes of caramel and sour cherry. Unlike traditional black tea, our Wuyishan Black is made from oolong varietals. This unorthodox method imbues our Wuyishan with complex fruit aromatics and a deep flavor that reveals itself through multiple infusions.

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Taster’s Review:

This Wuyishan Black Tea from Steepster is AWESOME!  Of the five teas that were featured in December’s Steepster Select box, this one is definitely my favorite.  I love the smoky tones to this, as well as the caramel-y undertone and the hints of fruit in the background.

I steeped this tea twice.  The first infusion was rich and full-flavored.  It tasted and felt smooth as it washed over the palate.  A nicely round tea.  The second infusion was also delightful.  I found the second infusion to be less astringent, but the flavors of the tea were all intact.  The second cup was more flavorful, smoother and even more delicious than the first – so it’s definitely worth the effort to resteep this tea!

I found that slurping this tea was important to aerate the tea before it hit the palate.  While slurping may not sound really “polite” depending upon whose company you are keeping, it definitely improves a tea experience by allowing all the flavors in the drink to be enjoyed.

The sip begins with a smoky tone.  I like the way the smoke comes through in this tea – it is smoky but not overly so.  Then I notice notes of fruit that are both sweet and sour, and I like the way these notes contrast with the smokiness.  The aforementioned caramel-y undertones are there from start to finish, but, I notice them less at the start and as the sip progresses, the caramel flavors develop.

A very rich and satisfying tea – this is a tea that I’d recommend to any tea connoisseur, or even a tea novice for that matter!  This is a tea that everyone should try!

This tea was wonderful and made the first Steepster Select box worthwhile – and I enjoyed the other four teas too!  But this one is the standout for me.  It’s especially nice when served with a dark chocolate bar.  (Then again, what isn’t better when served with chocolate?)  

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