Angels Dream Tea Blend from English Tea Store

AngelsDreamTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Teas

Where to Buy:  English Tea Store

Tea Description:

The Angels Dream Tea blend from English Tea Store is a heavenly tea with maple sweetness, blackberry pungency, full flavored Assam and a mystery green tea. We have sought the heavens to try to find the flavor befitting all the virtues of this tea’s namesake. The natural flavours of Maple and Wild Blackberry enhance the excellent teas we have selected from the tea world’s finest regions – Sri Lanka, Formosa and Assam (India).

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Taster’s Review:

This Angels Dream Tea Blend from English Tea Store is one that I wish I had read the website description before I brewed the tea.  Had I realized that there was green tea in this as well as black tea, I would have utilized a lower brewing temperature.

However, even with the boiling water and a full three minute steep time, this turned out really good.  I can taste the sweet maple notes, the juicy blackberry, and I can taste the rich, malty Assam tea in the background.  The green tea notes are a little more difficult to discern, but I will say that one place where I do notice the presence of the green tea is that this tea is lighter than a typical Assam tea.

There is some bitterness to this which is probably due to the Assam’s presence in the tea just as much a it is owing to the green tea being brewed at too hot a temperature.  And while the bitterness is noticeable, it isn’t bothersome or off-putting.  It’s there, but, I’m able to overlook it in favor of the other tasty flavors that are going on in this cup.

The maple is a prominent taste.  It tastes the way I’d expect maple to taste:  sweet and rich.  The blackberry is sweet but there is some berry tartness to it too.  The black tea base is rich, full-flavored and astringent.  The astringency leaves the palate feeling slightly dry and clean at the finish.

It’s a good tea that would probably be even better had I brewed it properly, but it is a very forgiving tea! This is one that I think those who like a good flavored tea would find enjoyable!

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