Original Chai from Chico Chai

chicochai-original-thumbTea Type:
Chai Tea/
Black Tea Based

Where To Buy:
Chico Chai

Product Description:

Black Tea + Spices
A more traditional blend, robust and spicy. –
See more at: http://chicochaitea.com/our-products/#sthash.ICDqfCj1.dpuf
Tasters Review:
Original Chai from Chico Chai has been my go-to Chai for the last couple of months.  It really IS a mighty fine Chai with traditional spices of chai.  The quality of both the black tea base as well as the chai spices are of top-notch quality.  They are REAL, whole ingredients…not extracts or flavorings.  Each batch stirred by hand…it’s really something special!  Another thing I love about Chico Chai is that they support their community and strive to support sustainability.  Their ingredients are organic and they do their best to package their product in such a way where they use as little packaging materials as possible.
When it comes to aroma and taste – this product continues to shine!  It’s spicy and bold.  Since I don’t add milk or other additives to my teas – not even chai – I was able to taste each and every spice that was in this chai.  It was remarkable.

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