Candy Cane Green Tea from English Tea Shop

ChristmasTinETSTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  English Tea Shop

Tea Description:

Candy Cane: Green tea, peppermint leaves, orange peels, cinnamon pieces, chicory, strawberry leaves and vanilla pods with mint, vanilla and coconut flavours.

Taster’s Review:

This Candy Cane Green Tea from English Tea Shop is another tea from the holiday package that I received from a friend this past Christmas.  The dry aroma smells like a candy cane … but there is also an artificial sort of smell to the dry leaf too.  It’s a little off-putting, but I’m hoping that it won’t affect the flavor of the brewed tea.

Yeah, I can still taste a bit of that artificial-ness, but, while it did smell a bit off, it doesn’t taste horrible.  On the contrary, this is actually tasty.  The flavors of candy cane are there:  mint and vanilla.

I taste hints of orange and cinnamon too, and they lend a holiday kind of warmth to the cup.  I like that while I can taste these flavors, they don’t interrupt the candy cane notes that I’m tasting, rather, they seem to accentuate the candy cane flavors.

And then there is the chicory and coconut which I think is what I was smelling and tasting that is so odd.  Maybe not so much an artificial scent but it’s just weird that I was smelling (and now tasting) coconut and chicory in there, you know?  It’s just … strange.  It doesn’t taste bad, just a bit unusual and a little out there, you know?

The green tea seems a little lost in this blend, and I think I’m finding myself wishing I was tasting a little less of these other flavors and more of the green tea with mint and vanilla to give it a more candy cane-ish sort of taste.

Overall, it’s not a bad candy cane tribute, and I’d drink it again if it were offered to me.  It’s sweet, minty and creamy, just like I’d expect from a candy cane and I like that.  But there are some other flavors in there that make this tea sort of stray from what it would seem should be its original intent, which is to be a candy cane tea.  The result of which makes this an average tasting candy cane tea.  Not great, but not bad either.

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