Genmai Hojicha from Sara’s Tea Caddie

Genmai-HojichaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Sara’s Tea Caddie

Tea Description:

A variation on two classic Japanese green teas: Genmaicha and Hojicha. With this blend you get the sweetness and buttery popcorn of a genmaicha and the toastiness of a roasted hojicha. Savoury and sweet, nutty and smooth. This tea is a perfect warming green tea for winter weather.

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Taster’s Review:

It’s a happy day when I go out to the mailbox and find my monthly Amoda Tea box in there!  But I have to admit that when I opened my Amoda Box this month, I was a little disappointed.  There was a repeat of a tea that we’ve had from Amoda in the box before:  Minty Winter Wonderland from Tiesta Tea.  I mean, sure, the tea is tasty.  I enjoyed it last winter when it was part of December 2012’s box.  But I subscribed to Amoda Tea to experience new teas, not to be reintroduced to teas that I’ve already tried.  So I’m hoping that this isn’t going to be a trend on the part of Amoda Tea.

But, I am glad that this month’s box also included a packet of Genmai Hojicha from Sara’s Tea Caddie.  This is a really tasty Genmai.  I love the way the sweetness of the toasty Hojicha brings out the sweet, toasted rice flavor.

In a “typical” Genmaicha, the bittersweet grassy tones of the Sencha (or Bancha) are softened and sweetened by the addition of toasted rice.  Here, the sweet, roasted flavor of the hojicha is compounded by the toasted rice – creating a deeper roasty-toasty flavor that is sweet and a little bit buttery.

It is a warm, cozy kind of flavor that is comforting when served hot, and very relaxing and refreshing when served chilled.  I found that the toasty notes still came through nicely with the iced version – I liked that.  When served iced, it’s especially tasty with a drizzle of honey!

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