Rose Oolong Tea from Zi Chun Tea Co.

RoseOolongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Zi Chun Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Our tea master  produces our popular Rose oolong by scenting oolong tea repeatedly with fresh rose petals. The outcome is a fresh tasting oolong with a pleasant rose aroma.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review: 

This Rose Oolong Tea from Zi Chun Tea Co. is absolutely lovely!  Rose scenting is not normally something I associate with Oolong teas, usually, I can find rose scented black teas with no problem but rose scented Oolong teas are less common.

But I love the sweetness and slight sharpness that the rose imparts on the soft, silky Oolong tea leaf.  This Rose Oolong does not have an overpowering rose essence, it’s delicate and allows for the beautiful complexity of the Oolong to emerge.

This Oolong is a greener Oolong, so the flavor is buttery and floral, and the floral notes of the Oolong marry well with the rose tones, making this an obviously floral Oolong but, I like that I’m not overwhelmed by floral notes as I sip this.  I don’t feel like I’m being beaten over the head with flower bouquets!

I brewed this the way I would normally approach an Oolong – in my gaiwan.  After a quick rinse, I infused the leaves twice (first infusion was 45 seconds, and the second was 60 seconds), and combined the strained liquid from both infusions into one cup.  My second cup was produced similarly, using infusions 3 and 4, and the third cup was comprised of infusions 5 and 6.

The first cup was the most delicate tasting of the three cups.  It had a soft, silky, buttery texture and a soft buttery taste to go with it.  There were distinct floral notes.  There is a barely-there note of vegetation in the background.  Mostly with the first cup, what I taste is sweet floral notes that are a little sharp around the edges but not in a perfume-ish way, buttery notes and an undertone of honey-like sweetness.

The second cup had a much creamier undertone than the first cup, the soft and silky notes turned into a very rich and creamy taste and texture.  The rose remained the top note, but, it is somewhat softer now, offering a very pleasant, subtle rose note that is much more subdued in this tea than you might experience from a black Rose Congou.  I like the rose like this … I like it a lot!  There are hints of nutty background notes, and a very enjoyable sweetness that rounds out this cup.

With my third cup, I noticed the flavors starting to meld.  The nutty background notes previously mentioned are a little more prominent, but, the rose still remains the top note.  A sweetness that reminds me of honey.  There is less creaminess now, more floral notes, and a hint of what tastes almost like a tart apple in the distance.

This tea is a must try for the rose tea fans out there.  I really like how different rose tastes with Oolong tea as the base!

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