Peppermint Melon Green Tea Blend from English Tea Shop

ChristmasTeaTinTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  English Tea Shop

Tea Description:

Peppermint Melon: Green tea, cinnamon pieces, licorice and peppermint leaves with melon flavour. 

Taster’s Review:

I wasn’t too sure about this Peppermint Melon Green Tea Blend from English Tea Shop when I read the ingredient list.  Melon and peppermint sounded alright together, but cinnamon and licorice?  I love cinnamon and I absolutely adore licorice, but, I wasn’t sure how these sometimes zesty spices would taste with the melon flavor.

But as it turns out, the cinnamon and licorice are very faint, barely-there notes in this cup.  The melon and peppermint dominate, and I’m happy to report that even though peppermint can sometimes overwhelm a blend, it’s not doing that here.  The peppermint is more of an uplifting note, allowing the melon to shine through very nicely.

The green tea is a little lost in this though.  By the time I reached mid-cup, I found myself wondering where the green tea was.  I can taste hints of vegetation (more grassy than vegetable), but there really isn’t a lot of green tea taste to this cup.

But the melon and mint notes are nice.  The mint tastes cool and refreshing and it’s a really pleasing accent to the melon flavor.  The melon is sweet.

Overall, a tasty tea that tastes more of melon than of tea, and because of that, it’s just a wee bit disappointing.  I would like a little more tea flavor here.  Not the best tea that I’ve tried from English Tea Shop, but for the melon-ness of this … I found myself glad that I tried it.

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