Green Tea Honey and Lemon from Tea of Life

greenteahoneyandlemonTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Tea Description:

High quality delicate Green Tea seamlessly blended with Honey and Lemon flavor to offer an excitingly flavorful refreshing drink.

Taster’s Review:

Nice!  I have really enjoyed the teas that I’ve been tasting from Tea of Life.  Right now in my tea cup, I’ve got Green Tea that have been flavored with Honey and Lemon and it’s really tasty.

There is just the right balance of green tea, honey and lemon flavors.  It’s sweet, slightly grassy, and bright with citrus flavor.  It has a very fresh flavor from the vegetative/grassy notes, and there are buttery notes in the background which I attribute to the green tea.  It’s a very smooth taste.

As I lift the cup to my face and inhale deeply, I experience the lemony fragrance.  It’s a delicate scent – this doesn’t smell like Lemon Pledge or anything.  It’s a soft lemon tone that lets your senses know what flavor you’re about to experience.

The honey flavor is not quite as sharp as the lemon flavor.  Oh, sure, I taste honey, but mostly what I taste from the honey flavor is the sweetness of honey.  It is sweet, but it isn’t a clear, defined note that says “honey.”  Instead, it says “sweet.”  It’s a nice complement to the tangy lemon notes though, and when I slurp the sip, the honey notes become more distinctive.

The green tea flavor here is delicate.  I don’t want to say that the tea flavor is obscured by the flavors, because that’s not really what I’m experiencing.  There is an equal distribution of tastes between green tea, lemon and honey-esque sweetness, which is to say that I taste equal amounts of the three components.

I enjoyed this tea, as did my younger daughter and her friend (I made them a cup at the same time).  It would be a nice tea to have on hand when one is feeling under the weather because it has three flavors that always seem to perk me up when I’m feeling low:  green tea, lemon, and honey!  This tea also tastes excellent chilled.

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