Sugar Plum Shou Mei White Tea Blend from 52Teas

Sugar-Plum-52teas-Web-204x512Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

This year’s Christmas week blend is inspired by goodies the vision of which supposedly danced in sleeping children’s heads before they had My Little Ponies to dream about. So here’s my attempt at a sugar plum shou mei complete with some lavender flowers. I sure hope you enjoy it.

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

I was thrilled when I saw what tea 52Teas created for the week of this past Christmas:  a Sugar Plum Shou Mei White Tea Blend! I love sugar plums!  That it to say, I love the Jelly Belly type of sugar plum that’s a jelly sort of candy.  I haven’t tried a real sugar plum.  I don’t think I’m really entirely sure of what a real sugar plum actually is.

Which I guess opens things up for 52Teas to be very creative with this blend, right?

It took a few sips before I started to really recognize the “plum” notes in this tea.  I could taste the white tea in those first few sips:  sweet, light hay-ish notes, and a crisp, melon-ish like quality is what I could taste.

After the first few sips, I started to notice some plum-like qualities.  Sweet and juicy!  Then I noticed hints of lavender starting to emerge.  But the aroma of the lavender here is stronger than the lavender’s contribution to the flavor profile of this tea.  I can smell the lavender as I sit here, enjoying the scent of the tea wafting out of the cup but the flavor is much softer, like a whisper of lavender, a hint of lavender that caught a ride on the airy notes of the white tea.

This is pretty tasty.  It’s not quite as strongly flavored as I anticipated it being based upon my experiences with 52Teas.  But it does have the flavors I’d expect from a “sugar plum” flavored tea:  I taste the tea, and I taste notes of sweet plum.  I don’t know if this tea excites me enough to start filling my head with dancing visions, but it’s a tasty cuppa.

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