Cantaloupe Watermelon Flavored White Tea from 52Teas

CantaloupeWatermelonTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Cantaloupe is one of my all-time favorite fruits and so is watermelon, so when I had the chance, I just couldn’t resist creating this blend of premium white teas, dried cantaloupe, and organic cantaloupe and watermelon flavors. This is a serious glass of refreshment as an iced tea and I’m sure it’s awesome as a hot tea too. I’m already getting a little anxious for spring. I’ve got this week’s tea and next week’s tea already blended up, and they are both on the fruity end of the spectrum. But that’s all I can tell you for now.

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Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  This Cantaloupe Watermelon Flavored White Tea from 52Teas is YUMMY!  It tastes like summer in tea form!

The overall flavor is sweet and fruity.  I love that the watermelon and cantaloupe come through loud and clear.  There’s no mistaking these two flavors – this definitely taste just as I wanted a tea that promises cantaloupe and watermelon flavors with its name the way this tea does.  It tastes like sweet, luscious cantaloupe and juicy, sweet watermelon.

The white tea is just the right base for these two flavors too, because these are typically two more delicate tasting fruits and I think a stronger tea flavor would have obscured the nuances of the cantaloupe and watermelon flavors (although I think it would be interesting to try these flavors with a buttery Chinese Sencha too).  The white tea has a light, airy kind of taste, and the fruit notes that I often associate with a white tea tend to be melons, so I think that pairing a Shou Mei white tea with watermelon and cantaloupe is ideal.

It tastes great served hot, but it’s even better iced, mostly because these flavors just seem to beg to be served over ice, don’t they?  Cantaloupe and Watermelon sound better cold than hot.  A thin slice of lemon might be nice to serve with this – just a hint of acid to perk up the sweetness a bit!

As I write this review, I see that there are six pouches of this tea left.  This is going to be a tea you WANT to have on hand when summer arrives – it’s so deliciously refreshing and fruity!  So, hurry on over to 52Teas and get yourself a pouch!

A really delightful tea.

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