Cranberry Flavored Black Tea from A. C. Perch

cranberryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  A. C. Perch

Tea Description:

Sweet, refreshing tea with delicate cranberry flavour.

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Taster’s Review:

This Cranberry Flavored Black Tea from A. C. Perch is one of the best cranberry flavored teas I’ve yet to try.  The cranberry here smells distinct and strong and that aroma got me to thinking that this was going to be a rather tart tasting tea.  However, the flavor is quite smooth and reminiscent of the sweet cranberry compote that I make when I serve turkey.

The flavor is definitely cranberry – there’s no mistaking that this is a cranberry flavored tea!  But, I like that it is a gentle flavor and it doesn’t obscure the flavor of the rich black tea.  It is tart … most of the tartness arrives at the finish and in the aftertaste.  At the start of the sip, though, what I taste is a sweeter cranberry, as I mentioned earlier, a taste that reminds me of a sweet cranberry compote.  Not tart.  Sweet!

As one who typically is shy when it comes to overly tart flavors, I don’t mind this sweeter side of cranberry one bit.  And what I’m enjoying most is that even though this is a sweet that isn’t typical of most things cranberry, it still tastes distinctly of the berry.

The black tea is flavorful and invigorating.  There isn’t a really bracing astringency to this, but I do notice a slight dry sensation toward the tail.  The finish is tart and tingly, and it is here where I notice most of the tart notes of the cranberry.  The aftertaste has a nice berry taste.

A really enjoyable cranberry tea.  I think I will need to order some of this and gift it to my daughter who loves cranberry.  This is likely to become a favorite of hers!  This would make a great iced tea – as the tea cools, the cranberry really pops!

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