Lavender Green Tea from Tradition

lavendergreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  This tea is available on Amazon

Tea Description:

Tradition Lavender Green Tea is made from select natural lavender flowers, combined green tea leaves.

Taster’s Review:

I thought long and hard on whether or not I was actually going to post my review of this Lavender Green Tea from Tradition.  I wasn’t sure if I could conjure up enough words to describe this tea given the fact that I really wasn’t all that happy with the tea.

But here goes . . .

The fragrance of the tea – both in its dry and brewed form – is very light.  I found this somewhat surprising and a little disconcerting given the fact that this is supposed to be a lavender scented tea.  I wanted to smell the lavender, but I really didn’t smell much lavender at all.

The tea brews up very light in color … and very light in flavor too.  The barely there aroma of the lavender translates into the brewed tea – that is to say that it’s barely there.

I don’t taste much from the green tea either, to be quite honest.  On the good side, this isn’t a bitter, grassy green tea which can sometimes be the case of a bagged green tea.  Then again, there is so little “green tea” taste here that it makes me question whether or not there’s any green tea in it at all.  I don’t taste grassy.  I don’t taste vegetative.  I do taste a hint of buttery taste that I do sometimes taste in green teas.  And I do like that light, little bit of butter taste to this.

But, I taste next to no lavender.  On the plus side, at least the lavender isn’t overdone.  It doesn’t taste soapy, perfume-ish or chemical-y.  There is a very, very delicate whisper of lavender, and I notice that only if I’m really focused on the sip.

Overall, this is just … boring.   A very boring and lackluster tea.  Not something I’d recommend to anyone.  I wouldn’t even recommend to use it as potpourri because the aroma is too slight to enjoy.

Hey … on the plus side … I guess I was able to come up with enough words for a review!

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