Grey Black Tea from Labrang Tea Traders

Earl-GreyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Labrang Tea Traders (Although I bought my tin at Chuck’s Produce!)

Tea Description:

Our version of an old classic. Premium leaves infused with Bergamot essence to produce a dark brewing citrusy tea. Fair Trade and Organic.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I discovered this Grey Black Tea from Labrang Tea Traders the other day while shopping at my favorite produce store:  Chuck’s Produce.  I do not usually trust a grocery store when it comes to tea, but there are a couple of exceptions to that rule of mine, and one of them is Chuck’s.  This is a store that prides itself on having only the best and freshest foods and it’s a pride that shows itself every time I shop there.

But you didn’t tune in to our blog today to read about my love of Chuck’s Produce, did you?  You wanted to learn more about tea!

When I saw this tea on the shelves at Chucks, I recognized it as a brand of tea that I’ve not yet tried, and I’m always eager to try a tea that’s new to me.  And it’s an Earl Grey, so, you know I’m happy about that.  The tins are eye-catching, thin and cylindrical.  There is the familiar markings of a certified organic and fair trade product.  It’s a local company, and I like that.  So far, this tea is looking good.  I’m hopeful that it tastes as good as it looks.

The aroma is strong, just like I expect from an Earl Grey.  A robust bergamot fragrance – citrus and that familiar floral note of bergamot – together with notes of earthiness from the black tea.

The tea brews up fragrant with notes of bergamot goodness and the liquid is a dark coppery color.  Nice!  The flavor is bright and acidic with notes of tangy bergamot orange, but the flavor of the tea smooths out the more acidic notes.  The result is a tea that is rich, smooth, and flavorful.  This is more tart than it is sweet, but, even though my palate tends to be very sensitive to tart flavors, somehow, the tart and tangy flavor of bergamot never seems to disturb my palate – just the opposite.  I LOVE bergamot!

The black tea has a bold flavor with notes of malt.  I love the richness of this tea, it has a full-flavored, well-rounded taste, and it isn’t overly astringent.  The tea would stand up well to the additions of milk and honey, if you like to add those to your Earl Grey tea.  As for me, I like my bergamot served neat and clean with no additions.

I’m very happy with this Grey Black Tea from Labrang Tea Traders.  I might have to look into the other teas offered by this company!  This one is a winner.

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