Princess Grey Tea from MarketSpice

princessgreyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  MarketSpice

Product Description:

An original blend of our Earl Grey Tea with Rose Petals and Lavender flowers. An excellent after dinner tea!

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Taster’s Review:

I know, I know … I’ve said it at least a hundred times before, and I’ll probably say it another hundred (or more) times.  I love Earl Grey teas.  Well, most of them, anyway.  I have actually come across a few – maybe a handful or more – of Earl Grey teas that weren’t worthy of the praise I usually lavish on the bergamot tea.  And I also adore most of the variations on the Earl Grey concept:  bergamot teas that are just a little different from the classic Earl Grey.

This is another twist on that classic favorite:  Princess Grey Tea from MarketSpice.  This tea took the bergamot black tea and added rose petals and lavender buds.

I like it!  This Princess Grey offers a softer bergamot flavor, reminding me just a bit of the softer flavor you might experience with an Earl Grey creme but without the vanilla overtones.  The bergamot here isn’t edgy or bold or in your face, it’s a gentle citrus-y presence that mingles well with a subtle lavender undertone and hints of rose in the distance.

Normally, I prefer a stronger bergamot flavor, but, I like this softer presentation.  I think that a softer bergamot flavor works best with teas where there is a lavender or other assertive floral flavor (the blue cornflowers are not included in this statement as these are added primarily for a touch of color to the blend, not because they offer a strong flavor profile to the cup).

I believe that a stronger bergamot note might have made this come off as perfume-ish and nobody (at least, nobody that I know of!) wants to drink a cup full of perfume!  This tea offers a nice balance between bergamot and floral notes:  there is contrast between the flavors without too much competition.

As it is, the floral notes are pleasant and accent the bergamot well.  The black tea is a what I’d call a moderately mild tea, it doesn’t become too assertive in this blend, but it is strong enough to stand up and be tasted behind the flavors of citrus and flower.

A really enjoyable cuppa – I’m glad I had this opportunity to try yet another Earl Grey variation!  It’s one of the joys of this “job” … and one I can’t imagine of which I’ll ever tire!

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