Pure Ceylon Tea from Sarabeth’s

sarabethsTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Sarabeth’s

Tea Description:

Ceylon, an island of only 25,000 square miles and called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is known for its diverse climate, culture and scenery. It has been said that “Ceylon Tea” is Sri Lanka’s gift to the world.

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Taster’s Review:

This is a surprisingly strong tasting Ceylon.  Surprising, because I generally consider Ceylon black teas to be fairly mellow, smooth, and even-tempered.  And sure, this is a smooth and even-tempered black tea, but, I don’t know if mellow is the word I’d use to describe it.  It’s pretty hearty for a Ceylon!  Even more surprising, I got all this flavor out of a teabag!  Yep!

Then again, I’ve been happily surprised by the teas that I’ve tried from Sarabeth’s.

This Pure Ceylon from Sarabeth’s is a robust black tea.  It’s smooth.  Not bitter.  It has a pleasantly round flavor and a satisfying texture.  Notes of malt mingling with caramel-y undertones, earthy notes and notes of fruit.  Quite nice!

There is very little astringency to the cup.  That is to say, that unless I’m really focused on detecting astringency (because, well, that’s part of what I do, right?  I review the tea, and part of that is to talk about whether or not it’s an astringent cup) I don’t really notice any astringency.  I only notice it when I’m really focused on finding it.  And then, it’s a barely there astringency.  Those who are a bit sensitive when it comes to astringent teas will find this to be to their liking, I think.

The flavor is rich, smooth and sweet, with caramel-like notes and hints of fruit.  Most Ceylon teas tend to have a sort of citrus-y background note that is noticeable toward the finish, I’m not getting that with this one, though.  I think that is is probably more earthy than it is fruity, but the fruit notes that I do taste remind me more of a cross between an apricot, grapes and a sweet apple than anything in the citrus category.

A really pleasant cup of tea, and this is a Ceylon that has enough strength to it that I could see choosing this as the first cup of the day.  It would take the additions of milk and honey well, making for a nice breakfast tea.

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