Sweet Orange White Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

Sweet-Orange-WhiteTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Simple Loose Leaf

Tea Description:

Our delicate Shou Mei white tea is balanced perfectly with a touch of citrus. Dried orange peel results in a sweet and refreshing addition to the citrus flavor dancing amongst the backdrop of the gently floral Shou Mei. Delicious served iced as well as hot, this tea makes an ideal light, summery drink with a twist of citrus.

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Taster’s Review:

I was greeted with a burst of orange when I opened this pouch – the aroma of the dry leaf of this Sweet Orange White Tea from Simple Loose Leaf is STRONG with orange.  It smells bright and juicy and … well, orange-y!

The flavor of the orange is not quite as strong as the fragrance suggests.  Instead, I find this to be a really pleasing medley of sweet, earthy Shou Mei white tea and the orange notes, and the orange does not overpower the tea.  I like that I’m tasting more tea here than I am orange – and when I first experienced the aroma, I had my doubts!  I thought this was going to be all about the orange and the white tea was going to be overwhelmed by the powerful, fragrant citrus.

I really like how the Shou Mei and the orange work together.  It’s a very harmonious flavor, as if the two were made for one another.  It is seamless.

There is a light, airy quality to the white tea.  It’s crisp and refreshing, and reminds me of the air when there’s a cool breeze drifting along on a warm summer day.

The orange is sweet, juicy and flavorful, with just a little bit of tangy punch to keep things lively on the palate.  That said, it’s a gentle orange flavor so that it doesn’t compete with the delicate notes of the white tea.  I like that the flavor of the orange is so subtle, but at the same time, it’s still a flavorful orange note.  This is orange done right!

A really enjoyable cuppa that’s tasty served hot, but even better when iced.

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