Paradise Tea Tisane from Eden Grove

EG 12ct Prism CollectionTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Teas

Where to Buy:  Amazon Trading


Black Tea, Green Tea, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, & Natural Flavors of Passion Fruit & Pineapple.

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Taster’s Review:

This Paradise Tea Tisane is an enjoyable blend of black and green teas flavored with passion fruit and pineapple.  I brewed the silky sachet for 3 minutes in 185°F water.  The result is a yummy cuppa!

As I’ve said in the past, when it comes to blends like this – where there is more than one type of tea, in this case, there is both black and green tea leaves – I usually opt to infuse the tea at the lowest temperature requirement for the tea to avoid scorching the green tea.  This would result in a bitter tasting tea.  So, I went with a lower temperature and steeped it for 3 minutes.  This seemed to be the perfect setting for this tea, because the flavor is really nice.

The black tea isn’t particularly robust or even brisk.  It’s more like a smooth, mild black tea flavor, lightened by the soft, silky taste and texture of the lightly vegetal green tea notes.  It doesn’t taste like “black tea” or even “green tea” … it tastes like something totally different, but with similarities to both of these tea types.

And then there is the luscious tropical fruit notes of passion fruit and pineapple!  These two flavors add a sweet, juicy taste to the cup without overwhelming the tea base.

The way I would describe this tea is that some mad scientist (a scienTEAist?) brewed a cup of black tea and a cup of green tea and added equal parts of each to a new cup, and then added the nectar of passion fruit and pineapple.  I can almost taste the sweet pulp of the fruits!  It’s really quite refreshing and tasty.  Not too fruity though, I think a nice balance has been achieved.  (Insert mad scienTEAist laugh here)

Really tasty served hot, but even better when it cools!

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