Planters’ Earl Grey Tea from PMD P.M. David Silva and Sons

planters-earl-grey-box-50-300x300Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
PMD Teas/ P.M. David Silva & Sons

Product Description:
We have taken this cherished tea back to its roots. Many of the Earl Grey teas on offer are created to misguide consumer’s senses. Tea makers mask poor quality tea with blue cornflowers as a visual distraction and then over scent the tea with artificial Bergamot essence. At PMD we have selected a high quality low grown tea and married it with natural bergamot oil; creating you a heavenly aromatic experience whilst finishing with smooth, citrus notes.

Tasters Review:
This tea is a real thinker.  Here’s why…first off…it’s a bagged tea.  BUT…it’s a GOOD bagged tea.  The more I drink it the more I like it.  Sure…you have the convenience of the bagged tea but it goes beyond that!  FINALLY!  An Earl Grey in a bag that is NOT mediocre but pretty darned impressive!  It has a solid black tea base and THEN it’s accompanied by the traditional Earl Grey flavors.  It’s not ‘just’ the flavor nor is it ‘just’ your run of the mill black tea shavings in a bag.  It’s not overly scented but the flavor shines especially after a strong steep and cooling naturally at room temperature for just a moment or two.  Dare I say…that THIS Earl Grey Bagged Tea is my favorite Earl Grey Bagged Tea to date?  It just may be.


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