Jin Jun Mei Black Tea from Yezi Tea

loose-leaf-red-black-tea-jinjunmei-from-tanyang-fujian-china_grandeTea Type:
Black Tea (Red Tea)

Where To Buy:
Yezi Tea

Product Description:

If Arthur Conan Doyle had wanted to pen a mystery set in China, he would have sent Sherlock Holmes to find some Jin Jun Mei tea. And Holmes likely would have failed. For Jin Jun Mei is an extremely rare tea. However, due to a collaboration between Yezi Tea and tea farmer Wu Qiong, we are able to bring you the finest Jin Jun Mei from the Tan Yang Mountains of China.

Jin Jun Mei grows at 4,500 feet above sea level, at which altitude there is very little agricultural land available to grow tea. This in large part explains why there is so little Jin Jun Mei to go around. But we can be thankful for the little Jin Jun Mei that is available every year. This loose-leaf tea, like no other, engages your senses at multiples levels: with its complex taste, whose body and rhythm evolve for as many as fifteen brews; its fragrance, which evokes a world of faraway orchids; and the tea leaves themselves, which are shaped like eyebrows perched neatly over dove-shaped eyes.

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Tasters Review:

Anytime I hear of a tea that could possibly stand up to 15 infusions I’m ‘game’.  Especially when it’s a black tea.  This Jin Jun Mei Black Tea from Yezi Tea lives up to the product description of being complex – having multiple levels – and engaging senses.  Over time I have found that I have a special place in my heart for black tea with leaves like these…shaped like eyebrows…multi-colored…two or three toned when dry and then melting into a muddy brown colored leaf when wet.  With this tea – there is no real way to ‘screw it up’.  It’s tasty if over infused, under infused, while using too little or too much loose leaf…you name it.  It doesn’t get bitter.  It has a very pleasing flavor but also a very versatile flavor depending on how much or how little you use, how long you infuse, or depending on the temperature of your water.  It’s fantastic hot or cold.  This could easily be considered one of my go-to black teas.



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