Mint Julep Black Tea from Tea of Life

TeaofLifeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

Black tea with natural mint flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

When I read the name of this tea:  Mint Julep … I expected a little more than a black tea with mint.  I guess when I think Mint Julep, I think bourbon and mint.

But!  Don’t take that statement as me not liking what I’m sipping, because this is an enjoyable drink.  The black tea notes are strong, it’s a brisk tasting black tea with a smooth character.  It’s not bitter or overly astringent, although there is a mild astringency toward the tail.  I like that even though there is this faint “dry puckering” of the inside of my cheeks, the transition from the beginning of the sip to the sensation I just described is very smooth.

I’m a little surprised by the mint notes.  They are quite faint, and generally when I have a minty tea I expect a stronger mint flavor.  This is really quite subtle.  This is definitely more a black tea than a mint tea.

So, that leads me to say this:  if you’re looking for a minty black tea, this is not the right tea for you.  If you’re looking for a black tea with a hint of mint, this is the tea.  This doesn’t have that really CRISP cool minty sensation that you’d probably expect from a minty black tea.  This has a delicate mint note that sort of lingers in the background.

It’s a pleasant, enjoyable cuppa, but not quite what I was expecting!

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