Organic Cranberry Lemon Black Tea Blend from Boston Tea Co.

cranberrylemonTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Boston Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Enjoy this tartfully-sweet tea whether it’s morning, noon, or night! The perfect blend of our premium organic Chinese and Indian black teas with organic cranberries and lemon will leave you taste buds dancing with delight!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I wasn’t sure how I would like this blend, because even though I’ve enjoyed many cranberry flavored teas as well as quite a few lemon flavored teas – to have these two tart fruit flavors together in one tea seemed a little too tarty for me.

But this is alright.  It’s not my favorite tea that I’ve tasted from Boston Tea Company, but, I’m enjoying it.  The flavors of cranberry and lemon go together surprisingly well.  I usually see cranberry and orange as a combination but seldom do I see cranberry and lemon.  And it’s a nice combination.  Yeah, it’s tart, but it’s still tasty.

I think what really saves this tea for me and makes it tasty instead of way too tarty is the black tea base.  It’s a smooth, robust black tea.  I taste sweet notes of malt and these sweeter notes of the tea as well as it’s strong, bold taste seems to take some of the attention off the fact that we have two sour fruit flavors in this blend.

Not that the tea base overpowers the fruit notes, but, it manages to curb some of the really sour notes so that it tastes just a little less tart than I anticipated it to taste.  So I’m able to experience some of the sweeter notes of the berry and the bright, refreshing flavor of the lemon without feeling that urge to pucker when I take a sip.

I steeped one of these silky pyramids in boiling water for 3 minutes.  It produced a flavorful, aromatic cup that is not too tart, but it is a bit more tart than it is sweet, so if you’re one who fancies a sweeter cup, you might want to add just a pinch of sweetener to soften the sour just a bit.  I enjoyed it as is, and I tend to be a little sensitive to tart flavors.  This tea just “toes the line” at being a little too tart.  It’s very tart but not quite there.

Overall, a pleasant tea – this makes a really tasty and refreshing iced tea.  I think this is even better iced than hot – the tart notes mellow out just a little bit and make for a very smooth and juicy tasting drink.

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