Crimson Grove™ Black Tea from Mellow Monk


Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Mellow Monk

Tea Description:

Crimson Grove™ is a special presence in the world of tea — a black tea made with leaves from the same green-tea cultivars used to make traditional sencha. The flavor is brisk and clean, with a green-tea-like sweetness and a smoky, nutty taste, finishing with overtones of nutmeg. If you like, say, English breakfast tea, you will be positively enchanted by this tea. So order up some scones and brew up a pot of Crimson Grove™.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Really NICE!  Having tried less than a handful of Japanese black teas, I can tell you that this is a real treat for me to be able to enjoy this Crimson Grove™ from Mellow Monk.  All of the teas that I’ve tried from Mellow Monk have been very enjoyable and they are the purveyor of one of my all-time favorite green teas.  And this Crimson Grove™ is yet another memorable tea from them.

The flavor is sweet and warm.  As the description above suggests, it has the smoky notes and the notes of nutmeg.  Nutmeg is my favorite spice, so, I’m loving the nutmeg-like notes here.  It tastes a bit like someone grated some fresh nutmeg over my cup of black tea!

It’s a very flavorful cup.  It’s not an overly aggressive black tea, though, so I wouldn’t turn to this tea as my first cup of the day for that vigorous shake awake that I look for when I want that jump start at the beginning of the day.  This is smooth and sweet, with a lighter body.  This is something I’d want mid-day for that little pick-me-up to keep me going.

Another awesome offering from Mellow Monk.  If you’re looking for exceptional Japanese teas, this is the place to shop for them!

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