Organic Vanilla Almond Black Tea from Boston Tea Co.

VanillaAlmondTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Boston Tea Co.

Tea Description:

As you open the envelope of this certified organic tea, the luscious scents of vanilla will surround you. A silken sachet filled with our premium organic blend of Chinese and Inidan black teas, slices of organic almonds and vanilla. This tea will soothe your soul with every sip.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This Organic Vanilla Almond Black Tea from Boston Tea Co. is certainly fragrant!  The scent of vanilla and almond is getting my taste buds happy!  I steeped one of the pyramid sachets in 8 ounces of boiling water for three minutes, and this produced a flavorful, aromatic cup.

The black tea base is a blend of teas and it’s a rich, full-bodied cup that not only supports the strong flavors of almond and vanilla well, but is able to stand out and be tasted in the presence of the flavors.  There is some astringency to the cup, I’d categorize it as a moderate, dry astringency.

The vanilla and almond are well matched.  It’s sweet, nutty, and warm, evoking thoughts of autumn – and at this point with all this way too warm weather, I’m wondering when autumn will finally get here!  I’m ready for it and this tea is reminding me of how much I miss it.

The flavor combination of almond and vanilla give this an almost “cookie” like flavor, and the smooth, delicious flavor of the tea complements that profile.  This is a tea that is strong enough to serve as the first cup of the day and would take the additions of milk and honey well if you want to add them (I liked it just fine served straight up though!)  It would also make a nice afternoon cup or a tea to serve to guests.  It’s a warm, welcoming type of flavor.

This tea tastes alright iced, but I think I prefer it hot.  Especially since the taste is so cookie-like!  I like my cookies when they’re still warm, and I prefer this tea when it’s still warm too.

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