Shan Black Tea from Shan Valley

Kyaukme_Black-1_088da68b-9b9c-41b8-9681-2439e5128512_largeTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Shan Valley

Product Description:
This is a first flush black tea, and is processed as is local tradition in Myanmar, the tea leaves are a little more uneven and have a balanced flavor. This tea is similar to the Kyaukme Black Tea.   We get our green tea directly from local tea growers in Myanmar (Burma), which include family and farmers, we do not import anything from other companies!

Tasters Review:
Shan Black Tea from Shan Valley quickly became one of those go-to teas to kick start my mornings!  After my initial first taste it was easy for me to do follow-up cups without having to put too much thought into it.  Therefore, I think it was a good ole stand-by.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying this to ‘cheapen’ this tea.  It’s a very good solid black tea.  It’s straight-forward and transparent in a sense that it has nothing to hide.  I like that.

To try and give you a ‘visual’ of my experience…after steeping or infusing the tea for about 3 minutes the post-infusion color in the cup was a VERY dark brown nearing black.  The aroma was a medium- strength black tea with no flavorings or hints at other natural scents.  It wasn’t flowery, it wasn’t really malty per say, and it wasn’t what I consider cakey or bready.  All I DO know is that I really enjoyed the cuppa.  If anything it was more woodsy, I suppose.  But not overly-so.  It was pretty smooth.  And it was even thirst-quenching for a bold black tea base…yet another thing I appreciated about this tea.  Give it a try!

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