Blackberry Sangria Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas

SBT-Blackberry-SangriaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zoomdweebies

Tea Description:

Our amazing organic Iyerpadi iced tea base blended with the organic flavors of blackberry, red wine, and citrus fruits. This will delight your palate and the palates of your guests. A great iced tea to share with your holiday guests.

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Taster’s Review:

It’s a tasty iced tea, but as someone who typically doesn’t get all that into alcoholic beverages, I’m not finding the flavor combination of fruit and red wine all that alluring.  It’s just not my ideal flavor combination.

But it is tasty.  The blackberry notes are very forward which I am enjoying, and I taste notes of red wine.  I like that the red wine isn’t a particularly strong flavor, it reminds me a bit of the wine flavor you’d taste if you were drinking a wine cooler.  Yeah, I used to drink those.  They were pretty popular when I was younger.  Boy, I just aged myself, didn’t I?

There’s also a background note of citrus.  These flavors add more ‘tang’ than a real focused citrus-y flavor.  A little bit of contrast to the sweet notes of blackberry.

The black tea is tasted among these other flavors, and I appreciate that as well.  I can’t say that this is my favorite iced tea flavor, but I’m enjoying it.  It’s refreshing and fruity and my palate finds it pleasing.  But if I were to sit down and place another order, I don’t think that this would be one that I’d put into my shopping cart.

But Southern Boy Teas does have a lot of other teas that I’d put into my shopping cart (more than I’ll allow myself to buy! ha!)  Have you checked out their Indiegogo campaign yet?  They’re looking to take their brand to new heights with this campaign, so please consider contributing and helping them reach their goal!

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