We’re Going To Try It Again!

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign!

52teas3Our first Kickstarter campaign was not funded successfully because we didn’t reach our goal of $10,000.  When we reached a point that we realized that we may have been reaching just beyond our grasp, we sat down and reanalyzed our budget and reconsidered our list of needs.

We decided that while a few pieces of the equipment would be really nice and definitely put to good use, they were not absolutely necessary to the function of the business.  We could get by without a couple of those items for the first few months of operations until we got up and running and then we could reinvest in our business and get those items we needed.

The same is true for the inventory order that we were looking to place.  We were looking to get a bit more than was needed for a modest start because it was my initial hope that we could get enough inventory to keep us going for at least two or three months so that I wouldn’t have to place a lot of orders.  We’ll have a lot to do in those first couple of months and I figured the fewer things on the to-do list, the better.

But I realize that anything worth doing and anything worth having is worth the extra work to get it.  So, we cut back on the extras and we streamlined our budget and reduced our goal.  And we’ve launched a new Kickstarter with this fresh, new frame of mind!

Our new ‘start up’ date for our first tea of the week would be June 1st!

Please support our Kickstarter Campaign by clicking here.  Remember, every little bit helps!  And we aren’t asking for a hand-out here!  For contributions as little as $5, you’ll receive a pouch of tea!  We are asking for your support and in return, we’ll gladly send you some tea!

Thank you!

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